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Gu’an ShengJie Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. High quality dust filter, Dust cartridge, PTFE coated dust filter, anti static dust filter Come from Gu'an xian sheng jie Filtration equipment co., LTD.Specializing in the production of dust filter, dust filter cartridge dust filter, etc.Phone:13932678364,Website:www.get9999.cn.

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Gu’an ShengJie Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.   Limited located in the Forest City spa Jingnan Industrial Park, founded in 2007, registered capital of 5000000 yuan, covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, automatic filter production equipment and special test equipment has a set of filter, filter, filter the annual production capacity of 1000000, have …



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    • has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.
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    • The total area of over 3,000 square meters.
    • Filter annual production capacity of 1 million
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    • Shengjie Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. is the general taxpayer enterprises, issued 17 percent value-added tax invoices.
    • Shengjie can be customized according to customer demand for a variety of holy dust collecting filter.
    • 15 years of professional engineering team, provide you with free dust cartridge design and construction program.
    • Sales network covering the whole country, 15 years of professional service team, allowing you to choose worry.

Cement silo top dust filter

The filter element is the basic function of a dust collector. It can be used in the dust collecting filter material determines the precision and dust collector throug


Dust filter thread gland

Dust filter performance: 1. Using a unique long fiber polyester filter, fibers intertwined distribution, thick shapely 2. Wear good, better than traditional media s


Anti-static dust filter

Dust filter cartridges each series has a different model specifications and filtering accuracy. Cartridge filter using advanced fiber filter method. Through this tech


PTFE coated dust cartridge

Performance characteristics of PTFE coated dust filter: PTFE membrane filter is polyester laminating a high-tech product, its porous structure is under special condit

Not the same cartridge processing Seiko quality trustworthy
Dust collecting filter order quan...
Hello, according to the production schedule: idle: MOQ 100 set, in general, 1000set, 100000 set of busy, please know.
What need to pay attention to the...
Usually for dust filter after prolonged use, set within the dust cartridge will produce a lot of dust, and can cause blockage, so to some extent, affect its usage, and to some extent, can reduce dust filter cartridges time. Therefore, in everyday life, it can be when used daily care and maintenance.      And generally for the dust filter after use,
Dust cartridge purchase criteria?
Dust cartridge has now become an integral part of the industrial purification, how to select a satisfactory dust filter equipment it needs cleaning cartridge industry can be divided into three parts:? Environmental, engineering and economics. Dust filter for the environment in which the device needs to consider the location of the device, the space available, amb